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One of the best things about winter is watching the snow as it falls outside the windows with a warm mug of hot cocoa in your hands. The only thing that could make it better is a little extra merriment in every sip. Boozy Hot Chocolate is a richer and more chocolatey hot cocoa—made with real chocolate—with just a splash of spirits to lift your spirits. For the most creamy Boozy Hot Chocolate, we recommend a cream liqueur, but you'll find that any of your favorite brews blend well with this dessert drink!

Posted: December 17
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Classic Hot Toddy is a hot cocktail perfect for staying warm during holiday merriment. Deceptively simple yet profoundly delicious, a Classic Hot Toddy combines whiskey with honey and lemon juice to sweeten and brighten the whiskey's natural flavors. With a cinnamon stick for seasonal spice, this brew bursts with cheer and bright spirits!

Posted: December 21
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Who doesn’t love a margarita? But none of that pre-made stuff. Give our Freshly Squeezed Margarita a try—you'll never go back to a mix again. The best part? It's simple and quick to make.

Posted: August 9
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Overnight oats have taken the world by storm, and one bite of these Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats will convince you why. It's incredibly simple to prepare this meal the night before and just let time take care of the rest. When you wake up in the morning, you'll be treated to tender oats and softened apples in a slightly smoky-sweet and spiced sauce. The apple cinnamon goodness pairs perfectly with your hot coffee or morning tea. Once you taste this, your old go-to box of cereal will be a thing of the past!

Posted: October 29