Special Occasion

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There's a certain wonder you feel when holding up Church Window Cookies to catch the light, watching it shimmer with vibrant colors. This wonder is only matched by actually biting into your homemade Church Window Cookies. Soft, rich, and sweet sugar cookies surround a crunchy, candy core, so every bite is festively fun. It takes less than 30 minutes to make these vivid treats, so you can have them ready for your next party in a jiff! Church Window Cookies are like edible works of art, sure to wow everyone that sees or tastes them!

Posted: December 3
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Restaurant-grade pork chops brought to your very own kitchen. This dish is simple, yet refined! Finished with hot butter, garlic, and thyme, this might be the last pork chop recipe you ever use. Pair with a side salad, roasted veggies, or cooked apples!

Posted: March 25
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A mainstay of Southern barbecues and roasts, Pig Pickin' Cake is exactly what you'll want after a hearty meal. Made light, moist, and citrusy with mandarin oranges, Pig Pickin' Cake provides a summertime taste any time of the year. The frosting on top is sweet, floral, and tropical with a pineapple twist. You'll be flipping out for this fruity delight!

Posted: December 28