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Holiday Magic Bars actually pack two different kinds of magic in a single square. First, they practically burst with holiday colors, magically catching the eye with brightness and cheer. Second, they taste magical—deep and rich with brown sugar, butter, vanilla, and bites of chocolate candy for extra sweetness. Holiday Magic Bars add some winter wonderment to your parties and potlucks; by the end of the evening, the tray you brought them on will be magically empty!

Posted: November 30
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Butterscotch Cookies have one goal in mind: to show off the sweet, caramelized sugar and rich, brown butter flavors of butterscotch. One bite of these cookies and you'll agree—they wildly succeed in that goal! Making Butterscotch Cookies is a literal snap, which is good because these buttery treats tend to disappear in a hurry. This dessert has a warmth and golden hue perfect for the holiday season!

Posted: December 8