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Goodbye, canned cranberry sauce! Why did we use you for so long when Fresh Cranberry Sauce is this easy to make? You can literally taste the difference with the depth of tart, fruity sweetness in Fresh Cranberry Sauce. Your Thanksgiving turkey or Holiday Ham will thank you... as will your taste buds and your friends and loved ones! Just 15 minutes to go from canned cranberries to the best sauce you've ever tasted! You'll never look back with one spoonful of this tasty topping.

Posted: October 29
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Baking brie cheese brings out its full buttery and creamy taste and texture; it's no wonder baked brie has seen such a spike in popularity. Baked Brie and Cranberry Sauce take this appetizer in a new Thanksgiving direction! The richness of the brie creates a wonderful contrast to the tart sweetness of the cranberries and the crunch of toasted hazelnuts. Make sure you have plenty of crackers to serve with your Baked Brie and Cranberry Sauce because you're going to want to keep dipping into it!

Posted: November 10
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Dip into one last hurrah for fall flavors this year! Pumpkin Pie Dip transforms the sweet, warm, and spiced taste of its namesake, cooling it down into a creamy, light dip that everyone will crowd around! Perfect for sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, oatcake crackers, or even as frosting for cupcakes, Pumpkin Pie Dip makes a refreshing and easy alternative to traditional holiday desserts. Plus you can literally whip it up in 5 minutes or less!

Posted: November 5
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The right sauce can bring the Thanksgiving spirit and its flavors to every part of the meal—even to the humble side salad. Cranberry Vinaigrette mixes the bright tartness of cranberries, the floral sweetness of honey, and the tang of mustard to elevate crisp lettuce from bland to beautiful! You can whip up Cranberry Vinaigrette in an instant and without breaking a sweat, so you'll find new ways to use it all the time. Your salads are going to sparkle from now on!

Posted: November 12
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There are some party traditions so venerated they seem timeless. One of them is bringing out a Creamy Onion Dip, which always draws a crowd over to dip in their favorite chips, crackers, and vegetables. The other tradition is finding the same bowl of Creamy Onion Dip completely empty before the party ends. It's that perfect blend of savory, creamy, and cheesy that makes people keep coming back for more until the dish is clean. You could even say it's the flavor of any great party!

Posted: November 30