Caramel Apple Moscow Mule

Posted: November 23

Time: 3 minutes

Yield: 2 drinks

recipe image

Summer meets fall in this Caramel Apple Moscow Mule cocktail that’s as refreshing as it is sweet. Mix caramel-flavored vodka with fresh apple cider, preferably purchased from your local orchard. Top the Caramel Apple Moscow Mule off with fizzy ginger beer and festively garnish with cinnamon sticks and apple slices. Pretty much like a boozy apple pie in a cup!


• 3 fluid ounces caramel vodka, more to taste • 4 fluid ounces fresh apple cider, chilled • juice of 1/2 lime • ice, crushed, for filling mugs • 24 fluid ounces ginger beer, chilled • ground cinnamon, to taste • 2-4 cinnamon sticks, for garnish • 1 apple, sliced, for garnish


Step 1

Using a cocktail shaker, combine together the caramel vodka, apple cider, and lime juice.

Step 2

Shake the mixture until it is fully combined.

Step 3

Using two copper mugs, fill them 3/4 full with ice that is crushed.

Step 4

Divide the cocktail between the mugs.

Step 5

Top off each of the mugs with the chilled ginger beer, making sure to fill it to the top.

Step 6

Garnish the drink with a dusting of cinnamon.

Step 7

Place in the cinnamon sticks and an apple slice for decoration.

Step 8


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